Mobile and home biofeedback with iPhone or Android smartphone!

eSense Respiration with the eSense application offers you

☑ a pressure sensor to record your breathing (breathing rate, breathing depth, breathing pattern) (always used in conjunction with eSense Skin Response, such as a sensor cable)

☑ a comfortable, washable and durable elastic belt

☑ extensive respiration analysis statistics

☑ comfortable to wear over clothing

☑ unlimited recording time

☑ unlimited number of sessions and users

☑ Extensive help in the application and manuals

☑ regular app updates

☑ Export of curves, diagrams and statistics as a PDF report.

☑ Several pre-made training procedures are included in the app

☑ Set any number of markers during a recording

☑ Breathing aid for breathing training with freely adjustable intervals, auxiliary tones and more

☑ Export of measurement data as a CSV file with compatibility with other software programs for further analysis

☑ Free training according to your wishes with one or more variants of biofeedback

☑ Free training according to your wishes with each variant of biofeedback or several at the same time

☑ Can be combined with eSense Pulse for biofeedback of heart rate variability with determination of coherence between heartbeat and respiration!

Biofeedback training from home with your iPhone or Android smartphone

biofeedback iPhone a procedure at home respiration
iPhone biofeedback stress shock test training at home

Scope of delivery of the eSense Respiration for home use:

- Mindfield® eSense Respiration sensor incl. replacement spring

- Expansion strap

- Mindfield eSense application (Apple App Store or Google Play)

- Detailed instructions for effective biofeedback training

- Extensive instructions for an effective Biofeedback training


• To run eSense Respiration, you need an eSense skin response.

• eSense Respiration is an add-on for eSense Skin Response .

eSense Skin Response is available in a bundle with eSense Respiration at a reduced price

• Users who already own eSense Skin Response can purchase eSense Respiration as a supplement.

Mindfield's new eSense universal app (Biofeedback app)

We recommend our new designed eSense app with extended features for free on the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) for iPhone. This application offers the same functions of the application above plus some new features as described on the app page in app stores with a fresh new design.

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Biofeedback with eSense Respiration!

Respiration biofeedback at home or to take with iPhone or Android smartphone (biofeedback at home)

The Mindfield eSense Respiration is a sensor (biofeedback devices) useful for measuring respiration. The data is transmitted to your smartphone or tablet through the microphone input. Android and Apple iOS are supported. This enables respiratory biofeedback training, which you can perform independently, comfortably, almost anywhere.

Biofeedback breathing training consists of observing your breath through changing bars, curves, music, sounds, vibrations, light from bulbs, and much more. This gives your consciousness a new perspective on breathing. Self-awareness is trained and a feedback loop is created. With specific exercises in the eSense app, you will learn to breathe calmer, more evenly and deeply, and experience deep relaxation and a new well-being.

The eSense Respiration measures respiration, its rate and amplitude. Optionally, it can also be used simultaneously with the eSense Pulse to train coherence between breathing and heart rate variability (HRV). The eSense application that belongs to all eSense is completely free and included in the purchase price. In addition to many functions, the application also allows the collected measurement data to be exported as a CSV file and a PDF report (for example, via email, Dropbox or Google Drive).

Breathing in general and your training at home or on the go

When breathing, there are 2 main measures, the amplitude of the breath (AR = the amplitude of the breath, how deep you breathe) and the rate of the breath, the breaths per minute. Breathing is special because we can consciously control this parameter. Other typical biofeedback parameters do not have this option, they are vegetatively controlled. This makes biofeedback breathing training a particularly suitable variant of biofeedback training for beginners.

Our mental state is reflected in our breathing. If we are stressed and tense, we usually breathe quickly, irregularly and shallowly. This reflects positive and negative stress. On the other hand, if we are relaxed and calm or if we sleep, our breathing is generally slow, even and deep.

In everyday life we ​​rarely think about our breathing and we breathe almost exclusively unconsciously. If our unconscious breathing patterns are disrupted by chronic stress, pain, or other psychological and physical stress, this often leads to discomfort and maintenance of stress. With breath training you can train and improve your breathing, achieve deep relaxation, and significantly increase your overall well-being. Therefore, breathing plays in almost all relaxation techniques, such as autogenic training, yoga, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation play an important role. With respiratory biofeedback and the eSense Respiration, there is now a modern tool to improve breathing.

When to choose the eSense Respiration

☑ with rapid and shallow breathing

☑ with hyperventilation

☑ if you feel dizzy

☑ to balance the breathing cycle

☑ train for abdominal breathing


Pictures of the eSense Mobile App

video feedback chimney fire for relaxation and breath control on biofeedback iPhone
result overview on an iPhone landscape biofeedback app at home

Which iOS Devices are Supported?

  • All iOS devices from version 15 or higher, which are (in part):
  • Apple® iPhone® 6S, iPhone® SE/SE 2, iPhone® 7/7+, iPhone® 8/8+, iPhone® X, iPhone® XR, iPhone® XS, iPhone® 11/11 Pro, iPhone® 12/12 Pro, iPhone® 13/13 Pro, iPhone® 14/14 Pro or newer
  • Apple® iPad® 5th generation or newer, including all iPad Mini from 4th generation and iPad Air from 2nd generation or newer
  • Apple® iPad® Pro from 1st generation or newer
  • Note: Some newer iOS devices without the classic 3.5mm headphone jack and with the newer Lightning / USB-C connector also work perfectly with the eSense. You either need an original Apple USB-C  or original Apple Lightning  to 3.5 mm connection adapter (not included in the scope of delivery of the eSense). Alternatively you also can use any other adapter with a DAC chip. We recommend this adapter on Amazon

Which Android Devices are Supported?

  • All Android smartphones and tablets from Android 10.0 (Android Q)
    Your Android device requires Bluetooth®
  • If you plan on purchasing a device for using the eSense, we suggest a Nokia G10, a Nokia G21, a Motorola Moto E40 or a Xiaomi Redmi 10 as an inexpensive entry-level device.

General information on breathing and breath training

Our mental state is reflected in our breathing. If we are pleased or tense, generally We breathe faster, more irregularly, and flatter. Positive and negative stress is reflected in in this way. If, on the other hand, we are relaxed and calm or sleepy, our breathing is generally slow, even and deep.

All in all: conscious, slow and deep breathing, preferably in the stomach, leads to a clear relaxation! (stress measurement application) We take advantage of this aspect. Breathing has a special role in biofeedback, as we can consciously control this parameter. In everyday life we ​​rarely think about our breathing and breathe almost exclusively unconsciously. If our unconscious breathing patterns are interrupted by chronic stress, pain, or other psychological or physical stress, this often leads to discomfort and maintenance of stress.

With breath training, you can train and improve your breathing, achieve deep states of relaxation, and significantly increase your overall well-being. reduce stress through biofeedback iPhone and Android smartphone


Therefore, it plays an important role in almost all relaxation techniques such as training, yoga, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation.

Direct biofeedback of respiration; i.e., real-time feedback of the breathing pattern, depth and frequency helps our awareness to achieve new and better breathing patterns faster and more precisely than without biofeedback. The focus on feedback avoids the frequent deviation of thoughts and loss of concentration in breathing. Many meditation techniques involve observing the breath, which is very difficult for many beginners. Biofeedback of respiration makes this task much easier.

After a learning phase through a few training sessions, respiratory biofeedback leads to a new sense of disconnection and full focus on breathing, increasingly without the need for biofeedback feedback, as better biofeedback develops. self-perception. The chapter "Training sequence" describes the sequence of a respiratory biofeedback training program. Follow this suggestion and develop your own routines and integrate breath training into your daily life, first with and then without biofeedback. The eSense Respiration is a powerful tool to help you breathe better.

Introduction to the eSense Respiration (biofeedback devices at home)

Biofeedback breathing training with eSense Respiration involves observing your breath through bars, curves, music, sounds, vibrations, light from bulbs, and more. This gives your consciousness a new perspective on breathing, self-perception is trained, and a feedback loop is created. But it is also about the change in breathing, towards slower and deeper abdominal breathing, which has many positive effects and can be trained by a breathing target in our app. We combine breath measurement and feedback in the eSense app with guided relaxation exercises, guided breathing exercises, and meditation, giving you a total experience beyond biofeedback. In addition to the wide feedback variants, you can evaluate your measurements with many statistics, document your progress, and export the recordings as CSV and PDF files. Your data belongs only to you! You have full access to the raw data.

Respiration is measured according to the tension measurement principle. With each breath, the space in the chest and abdomen will rise and fall, and the belt that is worn over the clothing will stretch slightly. The eSense Respiration Stretch Belt can be worn around the chest or abdomen. Abdominal breathing is measured and trained more frequently. eSense Respiration has a spring that translates the belt pressure into measurements. The eSense Respiration Sensor is used for transmission to your smartphone and tablet through its microphone input. Our eSense app assesses these signals and displays them comprehensively.

To reduce stress and your vegetative symptoms, biofeedback training can be done by monitoring and reporting your breathing. Often the feedback alone is sufficient without specification, and the user automatically breathes more calmly and evenly.

In addition to this measurement and feedback, it is also possible to specify how the user should breathe. The application includes a respiratory aid for this purpose. A bar, line or sphere changes as you go up or zoom in to symbolize inhalation. A fall of the beam or lines, as well as a contraction of the sphere shows an exhalation. The user follows this pattern when breathing. The breath target is freely adjustable in terms of inhale - hold - exhale - hold. read more

Designed in Germany

The eSense is completely designed at Mindfield in Germany.

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